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Get ready to unwind and escape the midweek madness with our soothing Wine Down Wednesdays.

Picture a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere where the stress of the workweek melts away. It's the perfect midweek break, whether you're looking to relax after a long day or catch up after a weekend of non-stop action. 

Hey there, Weekday Warriors!

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Every Wednesday Evening

Wine Down and Craft Your Zen

What's Included?

  • Craft your own 10oz candle, setting the mood for a relaxed evening.

  • Enjoy the soothing ambiance with our Wine Down Wednesday Playlist, filled with soul-soothing slow jams - think Lo-Fi Beats

Get Creative!

At Wine Down Wednesdays, it's all about finding your inner calm. During the first hour, let our expert candle guides lead you in crafting a 10oz candle, setting the mood for a relaxed evening ahead. Choose your favorite fragrances and create a candle that's uniquely you.

It's the ideal night to connect with friends and work besties, offering a peaceful oasis amid the chaos of the world.

The Golden Hour!

In the second hour, while your candles set, indulge in the soothing ambiance. Our Wine Down Wednesday Playlist, featuring soul-soothing slow jams, will provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation. Simply enjoy the serene atmosphere inside or on our open patio under the stars. It's a night of unwinding, connection, and rejuvenation!

Ready to take a midweek break and unwind in the coziest atmosphere? Join us for Wine Down Wednesdays, an evening that brings tranquility and connection.


Secure your spot now and let's create a midweek escape you'll cherish!

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