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Get ready to pour, sip and spill the tea.

Imagine a charming tea party filled with the aromatic delights of tea blending, the warmth of candle crafting, and the love shared between mothers and their loved ones.
This event is all about celebrating motherhood and creativity. Join us for a special Mother's Day gathering as you blend your own teas, craft custom candles, savor small bites, and enjoy some candle trivia while your creations come to life.

Our Pledge to
Honor Mom

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Get ready for a delightful Mother's Day
celebration with a twist.

What's Included?

● A hands-on tea blending experience, where you create your signature tea blend
● A candle crafting session, allowing you to design a 10oz candle as unique as your love for Mom
● An array of delicious small bites to complement your tea
● Candle trivia games to keep you entertained while your candles dry

Get Creative!

In the first part of our event, immerse yourself in the art of tea blending. With an assortment of aromatic ingredients, you'll create a custom tea blend that reflects your unique taste and love for Mom. We'll provide the guidance and materials to ensure your tea is brewed to perfection. Following your tea experience, it's time to channel your inner artisan during our candle crafting session.

The Golden Hour!

Design and personalize a candle that embodies the warmth and loveyou share with Mom. While your candles set, enjoy delicious small bites that pair perfectly with your freshly blended teas. In between sips and candle crafting, test your candle knowledge with some fun and engaging candle trivia games. Keep the celebration vibrant and entertaining as you share your love for tea, candles, and, most importantly, Mom.

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This event is open to everyone looking to celebrate and create cherished memories with their loved ones. Bring Mom, or come with friends, and make this Mother's Day unforgettable.

 Secure your spot now, and let's make this Mother's Day a heartwarming
blend of tea, candles, and love!

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